Founder · Chairman Message

Chairman HAN Chang-Woo

About MARUHAN’s Overseas Financial Business

“We will continue to expand our financial business in the ASEAN region with an innovative and pioneering spirit”.

MARUHAN Investment Asia Pte. Ltd. (MIA) is a financial holding company that manages the overseas financial business of the MARUHAN Group. MARUHAN Corporation was established in May 1957 and today has grown to be the leading entertainment company in Japan. On the other hand, as a corporate group that contributes to the development of society from a global perspective, we are diversifying our business. As such, we are developing our overseas financial business as the second core business of the MARUHAN Group through MIA in the ASEAN countries.

Walking today amidst Tokyo’s bustling streets and skyscrapers, it is hard to believe that only 150 years ago it was little more than a provincial town. It is even harder to think that in 1923 it was devastated by one of the country’s worst earthquakes – or that the city would soon afterwards feel the effects of a disastrous war, today’s Tokyo seems like a miracle.

Even in the ASEAN countries, various historical events have occurred and there have been difficult times. In such markets, MARUHAN wishes to provide cutting-edge financial services, to enrich the lives of people in each country, and to make a deep contribution to economic recovery and development. As such, we started our financial business in the ASEAN countries.

First, in May 2008, MARUHAN Japan Bank was established as the first Japanese commercial bank in Cambodia. MARUHAN Japan Bank merged with Sathapana Limited, a major microfinance institution, to form SATHAPANA Bank, and it has grown to become one of the leading financial institutions in Cambodia with the second largest number of branches and the fifth largest asset size.

In February 2013, MARUHAN Japan Bank Lao was established as the first Japanese commercial bank in the neighboring country Laos. MARUHAN Japan Bank Lao provides advanced banking services such as mobile banking to customers throughout Laos, mainly in the retail market.

In August 2015, SATHAPANA Limited was established as a microfinance institution in Myanmar. Since its opening, SATHAPANA Limited has grown rapidly with the development of the Myanmar economy. Today, it has a branch network throughout Myanmar and is the second-largest microfinance institution in Myanmar based on loan balance, and provides retail financial services to individual customers in cities and rural areas.

The MARUHAN Group will continue to expand its financial business in the ASEAN countries with an innovative and pioneering spirit.